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If you are experiencing any difficulties with the adidas Golden Boot Challenge, please email our friendly support team at, and we'll try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How to Play

The adidas Golden Boot Challenge consists of 100's of challenges in the form of Polls, Predictions and Quizzes. You'll earn points for taking on a challenge and even more points if you are successful. You can find challenges in the following locations:

The adidas Golden Boot Challenge has also been optimised for mobile devices. So if you're on the go during a game, you can still take Live Match Challenges!

How to Win

There are up to 37 great prizes on offer during the adidas Golden Boot Challenge:

Live Match Experience

The Live Match Centre is the only place to be during a UEFA Euro 2012™ game!

As well as offering real-time challenges once a game kicks off, you'll be able to view live in-depth match stats from Opta, 'Check In' to the match for extra valuable points, and chat with fans live from around the world.